calm down

Anonymous asked: when people ask if you have a girlfriend what do you answer them?


It depends. Rarely I say yes, but I never tell them about her. If they ask for a name, I say Claire.

Other times I just say no.


FUCK september


me, dead, standing next to god and gazing into a rock pool which shows the most important scenes of my life. my birth, first time i saw my mother, the day i first felt emotional pain, the first time i looked in the mirror and didnt like it, my father and mother arguing, picking up an animal, empathising with a male friend in a tent, realising adulthood’s coming, seeing my child walk without my assistance, witnessing a car crash. finally we come to me at 57 years old, standing behind a podium, teary eyed, holding a glass trophy that says “worlds deepest and most worshipped artist” i look back to god, he has my face


who els hasnt had a good time in 11 years